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We at FCL Global believe that logistics in today's globalised economy are no longer "just logistics". For many of the companies we represent, the quickest and most price-efficient movement of their goods is a key part of an overall strategic route to market, and can make all the difference to their bottom-lines.

What makes FCL Global Forwarding a better choice?

Align with our customers' needs

It's important that we understand the needs of our customers and make their needs and interests our own. To do this, first we listen and then we advise.
FCL Global Forwarding has quickly established a reputation among its customers for listening to the needs of our customers and going the extra mile to ensure our customers get more than what they need.

Be worthy of our customers' trust

Trust is critical. Feedback from some of our customers would suggest their previous forwarders put more emphasis on customers being worthy of their trust than on being trustworthy themselves.
Our people consider trust to be a mandatory requirement to the development and sustainability of any working relationship with each other as well as our customers. We demonstrate our worthiness by being honest with customers, by being knowledgeable, being reliable and by being proactive.



LCL Consolidation allows Private CFS Operators to notify the consolidated cargo details e.g. Declaration, Container, Cargo Details, Quantiry, Container Seal, weight etc. and enable to pay Document Processing Charges and Surcharge using localities under service 'LCL Consolidation Export'. Private CFS Operators can enquire successful generated LCL Consolidation using localities under service 'LCL Consolidation Export Enquiry' Private CFS Operators can cancel or amend successful generated LCL Consolidation using localities under service 'LCL Consolidation Export Amend' and 'LCL Consolidation Export Cancel'.



AIR FORWARD is a category of products that predominately use an air mode and offers a choice in delivery speeds to best suit customer requirements.

Air Freight

We can address any challenges you have with transporting your freight by providing innovative ideas and the means to develop and implement solutions to get the job done.
Our tracking systems and proactive approach to customer service provide you with timely updates about the status of your freight. These systems also provide Air Freight customer service teams the tools to keep your shipment on schedule and to provide real-time communications with you, the customer.



The documented permission to pass that a national customs authority grants to imported goods so that they can enter the country or to exported goods so that they can leave the country. The custom clearance is typically given to a shipping agent to prove that all applicable customs duties have been paid and the shipment has been approved. As we did basically.



Levering on our years of experience, we hold expertise in offering Road Transportation Services. These services are rendered in adherence with industry standard and we always try to provide our clients timely services of road transportation. Our provided services are highly acknowledged in the market for timely execution and fast deliver system. In addition to this, our valuable customers can avail these services from us at nominal rates.


Clean & Easier services

Provide from a started till date easier and cleaner.