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Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade can be done using


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Foreign Trade services

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Import means bringing any goods into India from a place outside India. It has been the contention of the department; the import is complete the moment the goods have been brought within the limits of the territorial waters of India. The Gujarat High Court has taken the view that when (Section 12 of the Customs Act) refers to ‘exportation or importation into’ of goods the reference is to the landmass of India not the Territorial waters of India.
Import Procedure
- Preparation of Bill of Entry , Rate of duty for clearance from warehouse , Filing of Bill of Entry , The Noting (Serial Number) , Assessment of Duty and Clearance , Noting of Bill of Entry , Assessment of Customs duty , Appraising the Goods , Valuation of Goods , Approval of Assessment , EDI Assessment , Payment of Customs Duty , Examination of Goods , Provisional Assessment , Checking of duty drawback / license documents , Execution of bond and payment of duty , Out of Customs Charge Order , Demurrage if goods not cleared , Import of software through data communication , Relevant Date for Rate and Valuation of Customs Duty

Any good or commodity, transported from one country to another country in a legitimate fashion, typically for use in trade. Export goods or services are provided to foreign consumers by domestic producers.
- Shipping Bill to be submitted by Exporter , Excise formalities at the time of Export , Duty drawback formalities , G R / SDF / SOFTEX Form under FEMA , Other documents required for export , RCMC certificate from Export Promotion Council , Check in customs , Examination of goods before export , Let Export Order by Customs Authorities , Processing under EDI system , Conveyance to leave on written order , Other Customs Procedures