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We started with a simple idea.

Company overview

BOX STAR LOGISTICS is a modern Independent Logistics Company established in the Year 2017 delivering wide range of logistics Services. Fierce competition in today’s market has forced business enterprises to invest in and focus on logistics. The growth in telecommunication and transportation technologies has led to further growth of Logistics. The supply chain, also known as the logistics network, consists of suppliers, manufacturing centers, warehouses, distribution centers and retail outlets Box Trans Logistics management takes into consideration every facility that has an impact on cost. We play an important role in making the Logistics conform to customer requirements.

Role of Box Star Logistics

The customer is the most important asset for a company. Hence it is important for Box Star Logistics to have a clear understanding of what the customer demands and to keep up to the customers expectations. Once We have a clear understanding of customer’s requirements we device a strategy on how to use logistics to achieve it.

Why boxstar?

Better service for customers
Better relationship with vendors, customers and third parties to more effectively manage the supply chain
Having the right people whose commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that goods reach their final destination in a timely and efficient manner.



"To emerge as a market leader in providing logistics solutions and to be recognized for its values and ethical business practices by delivering professional and customized services to achieve highest levels of client satisfaction."


"To provide Easy, Efficient, Economical and Empowering integrated logistics solutions through innovative processes and systems implemented by a highly inspired team of professionals that adds value to the customer's supply chain needs."

Clean & Easier services

Provide from a started till date easier and cleaner.

Boxstar history

Company history